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The ceremony of resettlement has long been the belief of Khmer ancestors, in the belief that if the wrongdoing was committed, Investing in various diseases, but following the rules of the soul will help keep the children prosper and Live in peace.

When moving into a new home, you should choose a good day first and stay in good health.

When entering a new house, you should embrace a new pillow in your new room to bring good luck. Well, come all the way home.

The first night you move into a new home, you should turn on the light at night for family life to shine Glorious radiance, good luck, good luck throughout life.

When entering a new home, you should say goodbye, goodbye, good words, not angry or insulting to others. They just brought glory into their new home.

When entering a new house, you should burn incense everywhere like Myanmar, Angels, Angels, so that everyone can follow. Nurture care.

6. On the first day of a new home, you must not empty your house. 1 Walk into the house. This way, you will have a lot of money and money to spend on your new home.

This is according to the ancient rule, the one who obeys, but does not fall into sin. As long as you do good deeds with a good mentality, Buddhist theory says that when animals do good deeds, then The name is good while good guard, good time, good light, good morning Everything goes well. San Sarin