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Australian man buying $ 10,000 worth of paper and hand sanitizer has been rejected by supermarkets Return after use

John-Paul Drake, the director of Drakes supermarket in Australia, recently posted a video to YouTube and appeared. On television to talk about the situation and why he declined the client's refund request.

“I had my first customer yesterday who said he wanted to get a paperback Thirty-two mouthfuls and one liter of hand-wash offer 150 bottles.

When appearing on ABC Radio Adelaide in Australia, Drake explained that the man had asked for a refund after he Unable to sell product on his eBay account.

The situation comes at a time when many people around the world who are buying things like paper towels Oral and used in toilet and hand washing. They bought it when the 19-year-old Ivory Coast closed.

Following such purchases, some stores have imposed restrictions on the number of items a customer can buy at one time. But the man had bought 150 times to wash his hands and paper. Excerpt from the website: newsweek Video Source: Sky News Australia (Edited by: Bopha)

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0IOQ9oLpjA (/ embed)