On March 2, 2020, a fire broke out, killing one boy and injuring a girl. Heavy light in the fire at the market spot in Kampong Trabek District, Prey Veng province.

Shortly after the tragedy, the youngest son of four members of the family was found dead. Earlier, while his parents and sister were in critical condition, they were hospitalized.

However, the father, who was sent to the rescue in Vietnam and his daughter, died, along with his daughter. Skip one day. Both the woman and the mother of the victim's nephew are still being saved, not knowing how.

Through a Facebook account Chhou Kimleng posted a sad message: “On 02-03-2020, a house fire engulfed a house. Chou Kong Srun, Phin Srey Roth, next to the horrific turtle market is now around 10 pm on November 03, 2020 Three dead and entire house in the news The news is known and tragic. May Chuong Srun and his children go to hell. ”

The Facebook account, Rithy Sam, also posted its condolences with the sad message: "Too sad. K😢o and her youngest daughter have been struggling for about 10 days since the turmoil of now and their daughter. He passed away in peace and left his wife alone. Why this family of disaster, sir Naana, wish you and your children luck and long life Year RIP » Article: Lim Hong