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Prey Nup District Governor Sar Julius led a working group of district police inspectors. Prey Nup commune chief and public works department order at Keng Keng market called Sma Deng market Air Force Base after this point administration The district finds that both sales and parking, motorcycles, cars and some construction have affected road feedings Publicly leading to the loss of order along the National Highway, this is especially the case with the provincial police station in Preah Sihanouk province. N.

With this order, Prey Nop district governor Sar July said the order was aimed at eradicating anarchy in the country. That includes the sale of unsafe parking, especially some of the structures used on public roads, which are a hit. Seriously, along the lines By the way, there is a rush of traffic now.

At the same time, the district administration will continue to maintain regular order in all towns and markets The main market in the city is located along National Road 4.

The district governor added that after the order had been completed, the district administration had hoped for both citizens and businesses, especially trailers and motorcycles. Previously used on road feed and cooperated with the district administration for good local order. (Editing by: Thida)