People on social media have expressed deep hatred for the unethical and inhumane behavior of traffic police in the village of Tutsu. Ratanak Commune, Banlung Municipality, Ratanakiri province, who was fined without even a car, brought a coffin to the body.

According to an activist brother in the video, he said angrily that the car was carrying the coffin for his wife. The Emperor's Meat Arrested by Police in Ratanakiri Province, fined 10,000 Riels while trucking potatoes for delivery Climb all the way and do not turn around and just grab the coffin Use to miss the time of the burial, to place a very hot coffin.

Through this act, he and the family members of the coroner requested the Commissioner and the Ratanakkiri Provincial Governor to look after the children, not because Money does not look at the circumstances. By: Hong Hong