Japan: Olympic symbol set up near riverside in Tokyo by technicians Decided to remove for care on Thursday morning after 19 cases of Kovid virus infection forced a delay Year of the 2020 Olympic Games.

A 69-tonne ring was installed on the Odaiba artificial island earlier this year as Tokyo began a countdown. Of the Summer Olympics, which it has won the right to host. But this Thursday morning, the ship, which is more than 15 meters high and 32 meters wide for the Olympic symbol. The floating neck is sent back to shore.

The Tokyo government has issued a statement saying "Olympic symbols and its ships will pass safety inspections and Receive maintenance for about 4 months. The date of installation of the new location will be determined after the renovation is completed.

Please note that this year's Tokyo Olympics were originally scheduled to open on July 24, but the team Officials have historically decided to push for the event to resume next year due to the spread of Kovi virus. D19 all over the world.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Japan Olympic Committee have jointly committed to organizing this major event. Next year as planned. (Quoted from AFP)