The Minister of Health announced the news today There were no positive cases in the coronary syndrome 19, and there were no negative cases on two tests.

In addition, the coroner population dropped to 45 out of a total of 122 cases. As of the morning of April 13, 2020.

The total number of healers increased to 77 (63.11%, compared to the total number of people with HIV-19 infection). One Chinese man, three British women, one British man, one Belgian man, one man 12 French (including a 4-month-old baby), 13 French women, Malaysian men 0 of 32 men and women Khmer person 04 people (from January to the present).

A total of 45 inpatients (18 women and 27 men) at national and provincial government hospitals .
All 19 Kovid patients were found (including those who were recovered and those who were receiving treatment). A total of 122 countries (38 women and 84 men). The total number of specimens analyzed was 8,909, which is about 556 in a population of 1 million people. Analyzing the largest number of ASEAN countries, including Burma, with 26 out of a million people, Laos has 157 in Out of a million people, Indonesia 71 samples of the population of 1 million and the Philippines with 309 samples of the population of 1 million people. By: Flamingo + Medad