Phnom Penh: Lok Chumteav Ok Vandin, Spokesperson and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health "By 8 am on April 14, 2020, we did not find any new cases of COVID-19, our country had a total of 122 cases and 14 cases," he said. A total of 91 people were recovered. Lok Chum Teav indicated that Cambodia has not yet died of a deadly disease.

"We found evidence of community outbreaks, but on a smaller scale (because patients were only recently discovered," she said). This source does not find a copy source.) So be careful to keep it separate and away if it is not necessary.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Health, on April 14, 2020, a total of 14 new coronavirus patients were cured. The number of recoveries has increased to 91, and in particular, no new cases of cholera have been reported. Outbreaks of cholera have dropped to 31 of a total of 122 infections.

There were 14 recovered people, including three French men, 66, 61, and 58. Seven French women are 59, 66, 60, 60, 69, 60 and 59. Top 10 French men, women, and all visitors to Sihanoukville have been cured by 19 negative HIV test results Twice was quarantined in a room at a hotel in Sihanoukville waiting for a return flight to France. Two Indonesian men, aged 41 and 44, have been cured of 19 HIV negative test results On two occasions, he was admitted to Siem Reap Hospital. Two Cambodian men, aged 33, are French tour guide guides in Sihanoukville and 39 years old with the address of Tuol Tumpoung 1 Chamkar Morn Phnom Penh has recovered with 19 negative HIV test results were allowed out of Chak Angre Health Center Posted by: Certification majeure