PHNOM PENH – The Ministry of Health has announced that there are casesFive recovered and one positive case of a new 19-year-old Kodaw woman, a Vietnamese tourist who left Cambodia at the Bavet border crossing Svay Rieng Province on April 6, 2020.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed the status of the disease, which has been identified in the country as of 7 am on April 7, 2020. Total recovered to 58 (up 50.43% compared to all 19 HIV positive) male patients One national, two British women, one British man, one man One Belgium, eight French men (including a 4-month-old baby), nine French women, a man 7 Malaysians, 26 Cambodian men and 3 Cambodian women (from January to present). Inpatients decreased to a total of 57 (19 women and 38 men) at public hospitals in the country. National and provincial level. The total number of people infected with the HIV virus has risen to 115.

Five cases were recovered: a 61-year-old Cambodian woman living in Phnom Penh, a 40-year-old Cambodian man living in Chhmar Chamreah district A 28-year-old Muslim in Chrak Romeo village, O'Russey commune, Kampong Trach district, Kampong Chhnang province, a 39-year-old Cambodian woman in Siem Reap's Sambour commune Siem Reap Cambodian man, 30-year-old waitress at Star TV Poipet.

On the positive case, a new 19-year-old kiwi virus was found on April 6, a 27-year-old Vietnamese woman from Vietnam Inpatient at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital. She left Bavet for Vietnam on March 2, 2020 and returned to Cambodia on March 10, 2020. He has a Chinese boyfriend who left Cambodia on 3 April 2020