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Kratie Environmental Officials Decree to Use Three-Shot Shotgun Chhay raids forest in Sambo Wildlife Sanctuary, an area controlled by the Provincial Department of Environment after clashes The environmental officer who went down and banned Con tractors tried to escape.

Three gunshots erupted on the afternoon of February 16, 2020, in an eco-village in Koh Ker commune. Ou Krei district, Sambor district, is facing clearing of land owned by people as well as rich Some of the effects, but the explosion was harmless Death of man.

Sources from Sambo district say that nowadays clearing of state forest land owned by the provincial environment department is happening. There was an anarchy in Sambor district, but the crackdown on officials seemed to be inactive, with some sources saying From the two teams _Trei competent links with illegal loggers encroaching.

At the same time, provincial environmental officials said that due to lack of force, the suppression and prevention was slow and in between Hollow.

Provincial Department of Environment Director Duong Chhay Savuth said the fire broke out from environmental officials in an effort to crack down on encroachment. The jungle did not cause any injuries. On the day of the incident, patrol officers saw more than 3 hectares of land clearing forest. Also acted on the ban. And the forestland around here has already been banned from officials. Due to a clash between the tractor driver and the field officer, officers decided to shoot three bullets. Tractors to stop open-wheel action. (Edited by: Bopha)