Takeo: Speaking at the 1st Quarterly Review Meeting in 2020On the morning of March 4, in the hall of the Takeo provincial police headquarters, Colonel Chheng Ratanak, Deputy Commissioner of Human Resources Strictly speaking on the subject of the Code of Conduct to all 32 Chiefs of Police, all 10 district and county police chiefs and police officers should stop signing the statement. A biography is a substitute Police, who failed to show up.

Because this would cause some police officers to impose regulations, which is a heinous act of defying the law. Its function as a judicial kingdom, from now on, all attendance lists must be submitted to the Office of the Staff in a timely manner The Skills Office reports to the top management Three principles apply to rules for police officers who have done wrong.

The deputy commissioner added that earlier this year, there were two police officers who had broken the rules of the society and had been asked to end their ranks. Just once. And over time, there have been more recent cases of the presence at the Tram Kak District Inspectorate and the Kandal Police Department. Verse 603 has been slow in sending out attendance records, which has made it a bad practice to do the work you do and who do not work The message is still not done.

So, in order for our police forces to be more honorable and honorable, they have to be able to understand themselves. It is our responsibility and responsibility that our organization has a well-disciplined and capable force in its workforce. On the basis, in particular, increased trust You Can Do It Again by: Takeo