Takeo: Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen once again called on Cambodians to "wear protective masks when necessary" And beware of Kovid 19, especially Samdech Techo encourages the use of "mask" to save money because A scarf can be used for up to a full month.

"I urge people to wear masks when necessary" to prevent the spread of Kovid, he said. 19. PM Prime Minister speaks to farmers during a meeting with farmers in Prey Kabbas district, Takeo province, on Tuesday morning, July 21, 2020. Ma can wash water and save money.

Samdech also called on people not to be negligent, because Samdech noticed that people are wearing less and less masks, so people should not be negligent No.

In fact, this morning, July 21, Cambodia found 26 new positive cases of 19 Kovids, leading to positive cases. There are 197 Kovids in Cambodia, with a total of 197 cases and 140 cases, equivalent to 71.07% of the total number of patients. All Kovids. This is according to the announcement of the Ministry of Health.