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So far, to get a lot of likes and dislikes in society, some people try to do almost everything Let it be awesome.

However, you should remember that no one is born perfect! We cannot please everyone, and we should not try to do anything for ourselves . Be yourself that you may attain true happiness. Today, Health.com.kh will uncover some things you should not do to please anyone One:

1. Hang out for the sake of self-sufficiency: Some people today are not out to enjoy themselves To take photos of others on social media. In fact, for better mental health, you should stop this phone habit and focus on the scenery and get excited Which nature has given.

2. Buy expensive things as dating gifts for fear of rejection: Today, some people try to impress their partners through Exposed to false fakes instead of honesty. This is because either side or both sides are not sure if their partner is satisfied with them or not Find expensive things to help. Keep in mind, though, that honesty always helps to promote your good qualities. And if they love you, they will notice your loyalty more than anything else.

3. Trying to Be Non-Self-Focused: To get the attention of others, some people try to outdo themselves Classes of personal behavior, dress and grooming are unusual. Transforming yourself completely into someone else is not a great way to get praise from others.

4. Social network dating: Most couples now like to show their love on social networks. Emphasize honesty with each other and show the strength of their love to others. However, this seems only to be manifest. Couples who are unsure of the status of their romantic relationship or partner are more likely to use social media to get their own way. Feel better or relieve stress about your relationship by reading good comments from friends on social networks.

5. Abandon your own dreams: Having your own dreams and aspirations is one of the best things to motivate yourself to keep going. In life! And more importantly, when you have done your best to spend your blood sweat, including tears, to achieve it.

If you give up on your own dreams for the sake of others, then your early efforts will be worth it It turned out to be useless. Therefore, you absolutely should not give up on your dreams so easily. Don't do this to yourself! Because you deserve the best (Source: Health.com.kh). (Edited by: Bopha)