Svay Rieng Province – To prevent the spread of the disease 19 Mr. Little Polvar, Deputy Governor of Svay Rieng Province and Vice Chairman of Provincial Committee for Combating Diseases 19, introduced people as well as businesses At the market, attend regular hygiene and order in order to become a clean city.

The statement was made this past week in order to maintain order and sanitize the spraying of the steroid. 19 Around Kampong Chak Market, Romduol District, Svay Rieng Province.

At present, although Svay Rieng does not yet have the infection of Kov-19, we all continue to pay close attention to strengthening Implementation of both preventative measures and educational outreach measures to prevent the spread of the disease in the context of the Royal Government of Cambodia In Svay Rieng, measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the Kov-19 virus.

The Deputy Governor also called on the business people around the market to take good care of their hygiene and regular hygiene for For yourself and for your family, be sure to take part in preventing the disease and if there is any doubt, please contact the hospital immediately Get a review A quote from a medical team. Lastly, I would like the people to continue to follow the Ministry of Health's advice and do not neglect because of the disease 19 This is still a challenge