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The outbreak of the Kovirovirus 19 has caused turmoil around the world and has an impact on the economy in almost every region. Jack Ma, Alibaba's Chinese company, has been through a similar outbreak.

In February, Alibaba's new chief executive, Danial Zhang, said the economic impact of Kovi. D-19 will be a short-term hurdle to Alibaba's business, but at the same time we will consider it an opportunity created by Change.

Alibaba considers it an opportunity not because people are so dependent on online purchases but also from The company has been through an outbreak before. Founded in 1999, Alibaba aims to provide a space for Chinese companies looking to sell their products to other businesses around the world. Sir. Three years later, the company had 400 employees and began seeing profits in 2002. But a year later, an outbreak in southern China – a coronavirus-like virus D 19 too.

Considered a major epidemic around the world, the Chinese economy faces major obstacles affecting Alibaba's business performance. Because of the factory shutdown and the decline in product sales. In May 2003, an employee of Alibaba contracted the disease, causing the company to halt operations while the company was preparing to start. Run Taobao Software.

When Ma convinced the staff to stop working, he urged his staff to take work home. Staff took both company computers to work at home to ensure Alibaba continued to function normally. At that time, Alibaba's staff worked 12 hours a day, with the directors and programmers staying at the apartment. Ma's to complete the creation of the Taobao Website, which enables this service to be up-to-date on May 10, 2003.

The outbreak offers a valuable opportunity to Alibaba as businesses and consumers turn to buying. Sell ​​online to avoid contracting the disease, causing the company's executives to keep a positive attitude for Kovid 19 too