Former World Boxing Champion Marcos Maidana claims he will wear Floyd Mayweather's toothpick necklace after second bout Between them in 2014, always following.

The 37-year-old Argentine, a former World Lightweight and Welterweight champion, has lost both. Two bouts with American boxing king Floyd Mayweather by points in 2014, the first in May and the second in May. The second in September.

Despite failing to win both matches, Maidana punched Mayweather in the teeth in the second bout. They climbed the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, USA.

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"It's been for me before," Maidana said. It was a great attack that got a lot of attention for my career. "Because he is a strong and great boxer."

Since losing to Mayweather in 2014, Maidana has never had a match until August 2016. Decided to retire immediately. (Adapted from SPORTbible)