19 Kovid Outbreak Causes Problems for Many, While Increases Jobs for Others Make it difficult for them to clearly distinguish between work and personal life. But this distinction is very important for both physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help you balance this:

1. Identify what is important to you
People who have trouble distinguishing between work and personal life are mostly people who try to accomplish more than they can handle. To avoid this trap, you should ask yourself what is important for you personally?

2. Set a time for a real break
Real break time is not when you are not doing anything but continuing to receive work-related messages or calls. A real break is when you are completely out of work. These times also include lunch time. Most people who leave the office for lunch are more energetic than those who sit down to eat in front of their computer. .

3. Schedule time for exercise
When you have time to rest, you should allocate some time for exercise according to your ability. Exercise is important because it reduces stress. In addition, when playing sports or jogging can be a good opportunity for you to spend time with loved ones.

4. Do not shy away when you need a break.
Many people are shy when they ask for a break. But if people do not take a step back, they will have a higher percentage of damage to their health to Work.