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Taekwondo: A giant concert of beer tiger in celebration of champions Tiger Street Football 2020 final Nationwide, held on Saturday and Sunday, March 07-08, 2020 rocked the Black Town in the vicinity. The garden at the mouth of the piglet at the mouth of the river Takhmao The impression of the presence of many famous singers.

The two-night-long giant concert will bring you some fun in Takhmao Performed by celebrities such as: Mr. Khemarak Serey, Ms. Ook Sokun, Miss Pich Sophea, Mr. Nopbayari. Good morning, Sok Sealinin, Mr. Zeno, and Kate James Costa Step and Miss Jackie always.

This special live concert, hosted exclusively by the Beer Thai Brewer (CBL). Tigers Beer is an international high quality beer originating from 1932 in Singapore and is Sold in more than 70 countries around the world, Thayer Beer has won more than 40 international awards. Taste and quality, go to the official Facebook page Beer Beer: www.facebook.com/TigerBeerKH.

Drink responsibly ៕ Co-edited (Edited by: Bopha)