Phnom Penh: The Government of Japan has agreed to provide a total grant of US $ 754,321 for the implementation of the project to promote organic cashew farming in communities in Preah Vihear province and the organization of physical education courses at the university level for 4 years. This is according to a press release from the Embassy of Japan.

Mikami Masahiro, Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Cambodia, speaks at the signing ceremony of a grant agreement on 12 February. The NGOs that received the grant include, first, Hearts of Gold, with a budget of about $ 371,000, through a project to organize physical education courses in 4-year university degree at the National Institute of Physical Education and Sports. Second, the Yamagata International Volunteers (IVY), with a budget of more than $ 380,000 through a project to support smallholder farmers for contract farming Organic cashews.

"Hearts of Gold has been working hard for the development of physical education in Cambodia through various activities such as cooperation," he said. Administration for other sporting events. Assistance for the installation of sports equipment or physical education, support for the development of curricula or manuals for physical education and human resource development For physical education.

He said that through the use of experience and knowledge gained through these activities, the organization will continue to work to improve the program. Train teachers and install equipment for physical education subjects at the National Institute of Physical Education and Sports to organize physical education courses at the university level 4 years. He also expressed his deep gratitude for the dedication and contribution of both organizations over the years for the development of Physical education in Cambodia.

“I hope that improving the environment for the training of physical education teachers will develop physical education in Cambodia after Complete this project.

According to the Ambassador, for the project implemented by IVY in Preah Vihear province, where IVY implemented the project, it was noted that Poverty is high in Cambodia and poverty reduction measures are an important issue to address. In addition, job creation for migrant workers returning to Cambodia due to Kovid 19 has also been cited as An urgent challenge, too.

"To address this, the strengthening of the agricultural sector is significant because it is one of the sectors that "There is another potential that could provide a positive solution."

He said that through this project, IVY is supported to increase farmers' incomes by promoting the cultivation of cashew nuts. Organic and joint sales through agricultural cooperatives.

"Through this project, I hope that the livelihood of local farmers will be improved through production and sales," he said. Organic cashews are more valuable.

According to his observation, Cambodia has been developing rapidly recently, but there are still some challenges. Solve to improve people's quality of life, such as poverty reduction and social development, including health and education environment.

"Although the spread of Kovid 19 virus is becoming a serious global problem, "Japan will continue to work with NGOs to address these challenges."

According to the press release, Japan started providing grant funding for Japanese NGOs in 2002 to support the project. Economic and social development in developing countries or regions. So far, Japan has provided assistance to more than 130 projects in Cambodia.