Curie County Three Suspects in Money Laundering at Wing Cash Money Transfer Police May Be Sent to Mondulkiri Court The question was answered yesterday. So far, the deputy commissioner of criminal affairs of Mondulkiri police has confirmed yesterday.

Mr. Sovann told that the three suspects who were stealing money at Wing Cash Money Authority had finished questioning on the 11th. The case will be sent to the Mondulkiri Provincial Court on June 12.

“The three of them sent me to the provincial court this morning [this morning]. The decision of the charge is the competence of the court, ”he said.

Police of the Ministry of Interior's Criminal Division have reported and sent a group of thieves stealing money through WingVing to the provincial police. Kiri was arrested on June 10 after their arrest on June 8 after their escape to Stung Treng province. . Brig. Gen. Chea Vibol, deputy director of the Ministry of Interior's Criminal Division, told the June 10 news that the three suspects were Hovinin, 37, Pan Roth. 42 years old and Pet Khun, 35 years old. They are committing the actual crime of stealing money from a Wing Wing facility in Mondulkiri province.

According to the suspects, prior to the arrest on June 8 in Mondulkiri, they had been at a Wing Cash Money Station and Use the trick as some send money. Some of them, in turn, got into the wall of stealing $ 5,500 and KHR 24 million. “They do it in Mondulkiri. Therefore, if a suspect commits a specific crime in any province, we will return it to that province, ”he said.

Prior to his arrest, the criminal department suspects had received information from Mondulkiri that the suspects had committed fraud. Steals money in a closet of money in Mondulkiri and flees from Mondulkiri. Immediately after receiving the information, the security forces issued a suspicion to the suspects by informing the police in Mondulkiri. But the suspects escaped to Stung Treng, and the cops catch them to Stung Treng in cooperation with the provincial police. Stung Treng and legal facilitation from the prosecutor to the Stung Treng Provincial Court.

“They were all six, but I caught three and brought them to my department and I got them,” said Vibol. Ask them finished. So I have to send them back to Mondulkiri for the province to handle. ”