Phnom Penh: at 2:00 pm, February 29, 2020 Police at the Ministry of Interior Ministry sent home three suspects in connection with the sale of Mr. Phalla More than two hectares of land came to Phnom Penh Municipal Court to take legal action.

Three suspects in connection with the alleged plot to seize Mr. Phal Phalla's larger parcel of land, said a source at the Ministry of Interior's criminal department. 2 hectares for sale at Samrong South village, Samrong Samrong district, Prek Pnov district, Phnom Penh. The Ministry of Interior detained them On 27 February 2020.

According to the sources, the three suspects sold Mr. Phalla's land to Yous Marina, which is the following: His Excellency Deputy Under Secretary of the Ministry of Interior.

Mr. Phal Phalla, the landowner, asked for a court order to send all the victims along the legal route and ask for the land to be owned. He returned over 2 hectares.

“In this case, there was a lady who was behind the buyer,” Mr. Vannak said. Even though he knew he had bought the land from the owner, he refused to return the land to his master and to build another fence. Deputy Secretary of the Interior Ministry is behind the burglary. Madam, one of the lawmakers behind the back of the thief.

It should be highlighted that after the theft, more than 2 hectares of land was stolen by Phal Phalla. The transfer of the rights of the burglars has been returned to Yous Marina.

“Now the burglar can also get behind you, the thief, you know the buyer, the landowner from the thief, and the person behind the counter. Buyers of land from thieves also know how the law will treat people involved. ”

“Three men have stolen land in Prek Pnov district's Samraong Samraong village for $ 150,000. Dollars. When he was arrested, the thief confessed to selling the land for $ 150,000 and then robbed the lawyer $ 70,000. To a $ 40,000 contractor and $ 30,000 to steal $ 10,000. E. When the thief finally confessed, I felt sorry for him. "

In 2018, Long Dara sold 22900 square meters (22900m2) to Pao's name, according to a criminal background check. Ten thousand dollars (US $ 150,000) and distributed the money to a lawyer for 7 million dollars to Yong Im, the leader of Samrouang Samrong for $ 10,000 The United States is the filing fee Above ground level, and for the London Dara admitted that the remaining $ 300 0 0 US dollars.

Long Dara suspect confirmed to the authorities that the land was named Phen Tran, who bought the name for Thavy, and for $ 150,000, Long Dara received the name. Savy Vy, Ms. Lok Kheng, through a check from the Rwandana Bank.

Long Dara admitted to the commission that for the land he had lost, Phal Phalla's land, with Mr. Thavy, the commander. Make yourself a seller to the Pottery Company, and all documents related to the purchase of the land are: Oum Pheakdey, the organizer .

The three arrested suspects, including the ringleader Long Dara, are in the process of investigating the representation of representatives. The prosecution accompanied the Phnom Penh Municipal Court of First Instance by: Kolab