Kampong Chhnang Province: Three fishing families live temporarily on a fishing boat by the river in Chong Koh village, Phsar Chhnang commune, Kampong Chhnang city in the morning. On July 28, 2020, the benefactors brought food to distribute to them directly after they requested and had Posting pictures on social media asking for food because for 4-5 days they can not go fishing and have no money to buy Rice is also cooked. The three fishing families said:

They are: 1. Yama Vanny, 35 years old, wife named Leh Ya, 33 years old, have 4 children, no land and no house, currently living With his mother in Village 6, Sangkat Khsam, Kampong Chhnang City. Today, they are engaged in fishing and live temporarily on fishing boats. 2-Mer Sen, 30 years old, his wife Seng Srey Pov, 32 years old, have 5 children, living in Village 6, Sangkat Khsam. Fishing, they do not live in the house, now only on a fishing boat in Chong Koh village.

3-Mer Sos Vy, 23 years old, wife Sem Semka, 27 years old, have one child, no land, no house, stay on the boat Fishing in Chong Koh village, Sangkat Phsar Chhnang. The three families said that they used to live temporarily on fishing boats to fish, but for four Five days ago, they could not go fishing because the river did not rise and there were no fish. He asked the benefactors to help. In fact, on the morning of July 28, the benefactors are:

1- Mr. Suong Bunsong, a trader in Kampong Chhnang, donated 60 kg of rice, 2- Mr. Ly Bunleang, an NGO official in Sangkat Khsam Donate 50 kg of rice, 3- Mrs. Ol Panhasak, a motorbike trader in Kampong Chhnang City, donated 150,000 Riels, 4- Mr. Sin So Poor man and his wife, Mrs. Sary Ravy, living in Chhouk Sor commune, Kampong Tralach district, donated 3 bags of rice equal to 150 kg, 150,000 Riels and a food item. Also number. Separately, on the morning of July 28, Mr. Eam Sovannara, Chief of Khsam Administrative Police Station, on the order of his superiors, also came down. Check the situation of the poor people above and let our journalists know:

The people in his commune are really poor and the family named Yama Vanny is really landless and homeless Yes. The three poor families, after receiving the charitable gift from the above philanthropist, expressed their deep gratitude to the above philanthropist and wished May all benefactors be happy in all their endeavors and successful in all their endeavors and tasks. By: Pov Sokhean