Snoul district: Three male and female victims have diedAt the scene, as they were riding a motorcycle at high speed, hit the buttocks in the back of the car full of The head died on National Road 7 at Kimsout village, Kims commune, Snoul district, last night.

The motorbike was driven by 18-year-old Rin Bun Roeun, a resident of Kbal Snuol village, Snoul commune, Kratie province. Snoul (deceased at the scene) and two passengers, first, Ny Srey Touch, 18, a resident of Kravanh village, 2 communes 2, Snoul district, Snuol district, 17-year-old female resident of Kbal Snuol village, Snoul commune, Snoul district On the scene).

The driver of the motorbike, who was hit by a car, was hit by a car and the driver was killed The incident took place, but police are still searching for identification.

By: Kolab