FOUR PAWS has found that three million dogs are killed every year, with trafficking being the focus of less attention by the authorities compared to neighboring countries.

In Phnom Penh, NGO investigators have visited 110 dog shops. Most of the shops have only started to open in the last two years due to the increasing business.

FOUR PAWS reports: “Although the lives of up to 3 million dogs are slaughtered every year, the brutal trafficking of dogs in Cambodia seems to have little regard for the country. Neighboring Vietnam.

In Cambodia, dogs are called "special meats," and they are usually served with beer or white wine for special occasions. Causes of dog eating There are many factors, and eating dog and cat meat Most people believe that dog meat is a medicine to help sexual arousal and warm body during the winter in Cambodia.

FOUR PAWS also presented a shocking report, with 53.6% of respondents reporting that in their lifetime they ate dog meat, 72.4% were male and 34.8% female.

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