Battambang: Police force in Battambang province Three men arrested, seized and three ice packs, four bags of ketamine, a motorbike, weighing a drug Subsequent to the creation of the case, it will be referred to the court for legal action on May 29, 2020.

The three suspects were arrested at 1:55 pm on May 29, 2020 Point Chrey Village, Sangkat Slat Kat, Battambang City, Battambang Province.

Sok Nimol, chief of the Anti-Narcotics Division in Battambang, said that the three suspects arrested were Uon Sopheap, a 24-year-old male. Living in Toul Ta Ek Village, Toul Ta Ek Commune, Battambang Municipality, and Tiny Sotheara, a 21-year-old male Tuol Taek, Battambang City, Battambang Province. During the operation, the force seized two bags of ice cream, several other related items, and arrested them. After questioning Un Sopheap, the force went to arrest another man, Ros Sereypheak, a 21-year-old male from O Tampu village. 2, Toul Taek Ek, Battambang City, Battambang Province. In the operation, the force seized one bag of four ketamine pills, one necklace, one ring, a motorbike. And other related materials and arrested at 10:15 pm on 29 May 2020 at Toul Ta Ek village. Sangkat Toul Ta Ek, Battambang City.

Sok Nim confirmed that the force had cooperated with city police and anti-crime intervention forces to crack down on the case and arrested the suspect. Three of them and the exhibit were immediately visible. Currently, the force has made a case for sending suspects and exhibits to court for legal action on May 29, 2020.

By: Ong Saram