Siem Reap: Rapid Youth Reaction of the Baltic Sea On the afternoon of March 8, 2020, Secretary of State and Minister of Health Ok Vandin announced to the Khmer People that three members of the family belong to the family. A 38-year-old Cambodian national in Siem Reap province who had coronary disease has been tested for C ovid-19, a negative result that the three did not. Covid-19 virus blast.

The new detection of C o vid-19 in Cambodia comes after the Ministry of Health lowered four deaths in Cambodia. Siem Reap, working with a Japanese national who was infected with Corona and chased out of Siem Reap province. Japan on March 3, 2020, passing through Vietnam. However, three out of the four were unaccounted for, with the Ministry of Health following a 14-day extension. Keep them in lockers.

The Ministry of Health announces that three members of the family of 38-year-old Cambodian nationals tested positive for Covid-19. Showing that Cambodia is paying close attention to prevention measures COVID-19 ៕ By: Wisdom