Head: Two Nigerian men, a footballer and a Vietnamese woman, were deported from Cambodia by women A Cambodian man has been sent to court after he committed a Facebook money scam from a Cambodian citizen.

The three foreigners teamed up with a Cambodian citizen to extort more than $ 8,000 from a farmer in Kandal province. On February 10, a victim named Vannny was a farmer living in Kandal province. Kandal province's Lvea Em district has sued a Facebook account owner, Michael Johnson, who used the account to trick victims into sending money. Successively, 8,550 d To exit fee, this lie that is sending valuable objects and money from abroad and handed over the victim.

The Facebook page reads: “After two months of being in contact with the victim, Michael Johnson worked. Lying through scams through the Messenger in English, the British sympathize with the victims by seeing that the victims are Low-income people lack proper housing so they will send money Jewelery materials to build a family and improve.

After several days of investigation, the Kandal Provincial Police arrested a Cambodian woman named Sok Leang, who is in the wrong occupation A postman and cashier who became a victim of a terrorist attack on Wing on February 12 On February 13, the Royal Gendarmerie continued to detain him Three other suspects are identified as EMMANUEL SUNJAY, 31-year-old Nigerian, footballer GABRIEL PHILEP, 21-year-old male Nigerian football player and 26-year-old Lytu Nguyen Thang, a Vietnamese national, is at home.

The three foreigners were arrested at a rented house in the "Lim Chiang Hak" townhouse in Moul village, Dangkor district, Phnom Penh. Withdraw some items such as 3 tablets, 9 phones, 2 internet packs and a few more.

The Facebook page says that a Cambodian woman has been referred to the court of law, while three foreigners have been handed over to the commissioners. Central Provincial Police.

Kandal provincial commissioner Chhoeun Sopheak told the Post yesterday that the three foreigners had been admitted to Cambodia Illegal and has already been forwarded to the Immigration Department.

“The three of us sent it to the General Department of Immigration and heard that the Department of Immigration has sent abroad,” he said.

On Monday, Ath Bunny, spokesman for the Immigration Department, said he could not elaborate on the case as day-to-day was Many expatriates are being deported from Cambodia.