Prey Veng: A Corolla car collided with a Hyundai truck carrying scrap Three people were killed and four seriously injured in the afternoon of February 4, 2020, on section 8 of A Street in Canal Village Chea Kleng Commune, Svay Antor District, Prey Veng Province.

According to the source, a blue Corolla wearing a Phnom Penh 2E.6156 was driving in the westbound direction when the crash occurred. The steering wheel collided with a white Hyundai vehicle bearing the number plate Phnom Penh 3E.7722 which was not moving in the opposite direction, causing the driver to collide with the driver. Corolla killed three and injured 4.

The Corolla driver, named Mao Sao, a 38-year-old man, works in Prey Veng provincial prison, located in Lot 6, Sangkat Kampong Leav, Prey Veng city, and six passengers. Four serious injuries (two women) died at the scene, three of them (female). The driver of the truck, Diot Chay, was unidentified because of the crash.

Local police have confirmed that the cause of the accident was a Corolla car collided with a vehicle on a Hyundai vehicle.