Battambang: Prime Minister Thong Khon and Mr. Nguon Ratanak The governor of Battambang and the Chairman of the provincial council announced the closure of the Water Festival on March 15, where officials and officials were observed. A large number of people came to see the arts, culture, theatricality, the history of Phnom Sam Pov, a number of dances, a Khmer kraal fashion show and a performance Circus fun at various international events.

The Ministry of Tourism announced that the celebration of the 6th River Festival, 3 days from 13-15 March 2020 in Battambang province, was successful and successful. Nearly 30 million tourists and tourists visit.

Governor Nguon Ratan expressed his appreciation to the efforts of the Intergovernmental Commission and the provincial administration to organize this 6th festival which gave people the opportunity. The State and the tourists enjoy a fun tour, strengthening security, order and traffic safety. That also needs to be taken care of Dramatically by security forces at the macro goal.

He called on the people to stay in the care
Peace, political stability with the Royal Government under the leadership of the Prime Minister continue to allow Cambodia to continue to develop in the future. Dt.

Minister Thong Khon recalled the six recommendations made by Samdech Techo Hun Sen, who spoke at a ceremony to launch the river yesterday. Tourist officials were present at the closing ceremony of the river.

Although the river festival is not afraid of the disease 19, the Minister also urged all people not to be afraid of the disease. Covid-19 is very strong, although the disease is contagious, but it can be cured. However, to protect yourself from the illnesses, first take care of your hygiene, wash your hands, and wash your hands with a good cough. Cover your nose, nose, and Khmer towel to prevent others from spreading. By: Columbus