Central: Ponhea Leu district police reported having children drowning (Dead) 3 people who happened on April 17, 2020 at 16:40 pm at Roluos Lake, Pong Village, Chhlong Commune, Ponhea Leu District, Province. Center.

Police in Ponhea Leu district said: "Too late. Harrings slut. Where's the mum? Today morning together! Forgot space. A single blink. . Your parents should be there soon if the baby is lost. Do not leave your eyes.

Pond, pond, fire tank. Sharp things, drinks, drugs, locks, cars, motorcycles, smart kids, don't worry. ”

Three victims (deceased): 1, Eng Seangly, male, 14 years, student. 2 Name: Ou Sathya, male, 12, student occupation. 3 – Meet Tola, male, 11 years old. Occupation of the three victims is Trapeang Pring Village, Ponhea Pun Commune, Prek Pnov District, Phnom Penh.

Police confirmed the incident: on the date, date and time of the above incident
The three boys were riding a bicycle to the lakeside pool in the village of Pong village, Chhlong commune, Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province. Having lost their child too long, the parents searched for their child but did not find him. At 16:40, the parents took their siblings and neighbors for a second time, but did not see it Victims and neighbors went to the lake to search for victims and found the three drowned. Just once. The family then took the body to a traditional funeral. By: Kolab