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New Year's Eve will arrive at 20:48 pm on Monday, March 6. April 2020, New Year's Day, is the year 2564 is the New Year's Day.

At that time there was a goddess, a goddess named Korah Devi Devi, the second daughter of the great Mahabharata, living in Jakarta. His corpse is yellow, His face is decorated with a lotus flower, His body is dead, He is wearing a pearl of honor. Sesame). His right hand, His right hand, His left hand (crutches), sitting on the back of the Vedanta, (sadness) are common.

All the people, men and women, prepare for the pilgrimage, the pilgrimage to Ratanakkiri, and welcome the New Year's Devas and try to please Worse, the tenant is an evil mind, trapped by a malicious, malicious, malicious bully, who, in the olden years, is determined to do good deeds, recite the gifts Good May the five respects always be angels and bless you. May you have the blessing of happiness and happiness. From the new year onwards. San Sarin