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Phnom Penh: This Is Not a Training for Authorities It is likely that the facilities could be too busy to allow a group of Kampot police to rent a tuk-tuk. India to transport a suspect from Phnom Penh Municipal Court to Prey Sar prison at 10 am on June 27, 2020.

Un Simeon, a 35-year-old farmer, lives in Kouk Sand village, in the fire district of Kambol district Phnom Penh Police Arrested by Phnom Penh Municipal Police Arrested by Verdict Will be taken to jail on the basis of the verdict, wearing a tax case for breach of trust.

The breach of confidence, according to the suspect, mentioned before tuk-tuk to Prey Sar prison When her husband was alive he owed money to others, but before he died he sold the land. Paying back the plaintiff just didn't get the paperwork that her husband and the other party made to end the case.

It was then that a charge was filed against him until he was sentenced to prison.

The suspect was taken to the court and then issued a summons by the prosecution. Indian Tuk Tuk Rental Carry Suspects to Prey Sar Prison