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Koh Kong Province: The Ministry of Environment Condemns the Few of the Miners Who Come Out as Environmental Protectionists to Take Action To have the Koh Kong area outside of Koh Kong as a protected area. This is just an excuse to cover up the illicit political manipulation under a clear arrangement.

The Ministry of Environment would like to emphasize that although there is no campaign or demand, the Royal Government of Cambodia, through the Ministry of Environment, has a high regard for the work. Protect and conserve the outlying Koh Kong area by sending expert officials to conduct research, documentation and data related to Koh Kong It has been since 2016 to make the area a "marine park" because it is rich in natural and biodiversity potential and has A beautiful, sandy beach to be protected and preserved.

Under the plan, the Ministry of the Environment is expected to announce the Koh Kong area as a "marine national park" by 2021. Graduation is done. The Ministry of the Environment hopes that the small group will be better informed and work hard to work in good faith with the authorities concerned. Environment and natural resources, and avoid setting the stage for acting and doing business for political gain. By: Sok Saray