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Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, many schools in Cambodia are allowed to take students to school. A small vacation is premature as many companies also encourage their employees to work from home.

For parents who have to work and take care of their children, you may have to face more obstacles in your life. Between family and life. According to Brie Reynolds Career Development Specialist, here are some simple tips you can apply to make Work is effective when the children are at home.

Create a clear schedule
If your child's school is organized as an online learning environment, then you may not have much trouble For children who do not have such programs, parents should set up a specific time like school. This means that children need to have a clear wake-up time, a meal, a time for self-study or time For rest and so forth.

Keep clear communication with the labor organization
If you have a family with small children or many members living in the same house, you may be able to avoid distractions During the online meeting. That is why you should clearly inform your organization of your situation to avoid confusion.

Set clear boundaries with the children
Children are less likely to get excited and happy when they see their parents at home with them, as they might think It's about time of relaxation. Because of this, parents should clearly talk to their children that you need time and calm to do the work and that you will spend time Be with them as you complete the most important tasks of the day.