Kandal: Mao Phun, central governor and chairman of the oversight committee And assess prisoners' adjustment levels during prison time, confirmed at the Convocation and Amnesty Meeting on the occasion of National New Year Khmer and Vesak Day 2020 in the morning of January 22, 2020, that the Royal Government has decided to ask for relief and amnesty one year 3 times in the Wesak Khmer New Year festival and the festivities tangto.

He acknowledged that prisoners' convictions, committed to becoming good citizens of the society, abided by the order. Active prison labor and professional learning are crucial, especially for inmates who seek relief and pardons. To have lived Find your happiness with the society as a whole when the bail.

He stated that prisoners who could seek a reduction and amnesty must meet the conditions required by law. For inmates who can only ask for parole, two or three years of their prison sentence is up to 15 years Life imprisonment. And for any inmate who can plead guilty only if they receive one-third of their prison sentence. There is a term of imprisonment or seven years for life imprisonment.

He added that for non-amnesty sentences, the easing of the sentence or the difficulty of pardoning and reducing the sentence are Like kidnapping, kidnapping, robbery, killing, manufacturing and trafficking of drugs, the culprits, the inmates often receive prison sentences, often the prisoners get offended. To be fined.

According to the report by the Chief of the General Staff, General Jia Sin Neang, the head of the prison, the Kandal prison has taken prisoners. 33 female and 2 female submissions to the prison's review and evaluation committee for prison terms Who requested the Fr. The reduction and amnesty for Khmer New Year include: eight inmates who requested a six-month sentence Seven inmates who applied for a 9-month sentence reduced the sentence of 3 inmates to 3 convictions A 12-month sentence was reduced by four people to three And inmates who request pardons 3 to 2.

In addition, the prisoners who seek relief and pardon during the festival include: Prisoners seeking a six-month sentence Up to 5 inmates suspended for 9 months, no prisoner sentenced to 12 months One of the apologists has been approved to be released Also ៕ By: Kolab