Phnom Penh: At least 36 of the 58 blind people living in the Samneang Music Association for the Blind infect 19 Strive to implement three measures, not three defenses, however. This was confirmed by Mr. Chap To, President of the Samneang Music Association for the Disabled on July 11.

"We are very concerned when the test results show that our 36 members have "Positive Kovid 19 and one of them is a pregnant woman and a man has a heart condition."

According to Chap To, for the past two years, none of the members who have stayed at the Center for the Blind Music Association have been Let go out to sing outside. Visiting relatives at home requires a sample to be tested for Kovid 19 and requires 14 days of cardiology upon return to the center. Back.

"We have organized sanitation, wearing masks, washing with alcohol, using heat exchangers and keeping gaps, and banning departures," he said. Sing outside and still have our members infected with Kovid-19.

He said the 36 19 Kovid-positive patients were now being housed in a separate apartment building for protection. Infection spreads to others.

According to Chap To, there are currently five physically fit and non-disabled staff members in the association. You are blind people and train them to sing and play music.

However, Mr. Chap To said: "Currently, our association is short of food and medicine to supply the disabled and Debt is owed because the association can not sing to earn money as before. The livelihood of our members in this association now depends on the support from the authorities, the Department of Social Affairs and some philanthropists. .

Infection of Kovid 19 to the Blind in the Center for the Blind Music Association's Ms. Nhem Morakot The disability claims that it caused relatives to enter the market carelessly and also transmitted the 19 virus from outside to them. .

"It was very sad when the blind man stayed at home and contracted Kovid 19 from his relatives," she said. The body as a person with bright eyes. Now we are worried that blind pregnant women and people with heart disease are all blind, so they are just scared ឮ When they heard that there was a virus, they started crying. ”

She said that in the past, both the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the administration of Phnom Penh, as well as local authorities have provided food and alcohol to the masses. Samneang Music Association for the Disabled to encourage people with disabilities, especially those with a positive Kovid 19.

At the same time, she also called on the families of relatives who have bright eyes to increase their attention by strictly implementing the measures. Prevent the spread of Kovid 19 disease is 3 Do 3 prevent regularly to prevent this vicious infection To family members who are disabled.

According to the Samneang Music Association for the Blind, there are 628 blind people in Cambodia, of whom they are members. Of the Samneang Music Association for the Blind.