Battambang: This looter is even stolen by a cart and a sugar mill It was a group of thieves who stole something just to steal it. Two suspects arrested in three robbery and baggage arrests were arrested by police on April 14 A special office is working on a case file to be sent to the Battambang Provincial Court.

Following the directive instructions from His Excellency Brigadier General of Police, Battambang Municipal Police Office of Battambang Province said Te Ouch Sokhon, Commissioner of Police of Battambang Province, as well as Brigadier General Jeth Vanny, Deputy Commissioner of Criminal Police work and mediation Rule of Law From Nuon San, prosecutor to the Battambang Provincial Court on 13 April 2020, at 9:15 pm, at SOP1 Village, Sangkat Ratanak City. Battambang Province.

Lieutenant Colonel Chhoeung Kim Song, Director of the Light Infantry Police Division, led a team of preventive intervention teams in collaboration with the special forces to work on the situation. One charge and bagged two suspects 1. Im Ratha, a 37-year-old male resident, was in the wrong place. Ly Sopheak, a 29 year old male, lives in Sophy Village 1, Rattanak Commune, Battambang Municipality, Battambang Province.

According to the confession of the two suspects, he confessed that he had committed three acts of theft – the first. Activated (bag discharge) at Prek Khpap village, Prekeb commune, Ek Phnom district, Battambang province on 4 April 2020 at about 5 am 400,000 riels and an Apple mobile phone. – On the 2nd, it carried out an action (bag discharge) at Tuol Poi village, Chrey Thmey village, Chrey commune, Thmor Kol district, Battambang province on 6 April 2020 About 11:30 pm, 70,000 riel and two IDs were issued. – 3rd act of stealing a truck, sugar mill, sugar cane at Slor Kram village, Wat Tamam commune, Sangke district, Battambang province. April 13, 2020 at approximately 3:00 p.m. The confiscated items include a wheelchair, a mill, a cane, a black bag, which the suspect was carrying.

Currently, the suspect, including the aforementioned office, is developing a case to be sent to the Battambang Provincial Court to take legal action.