Kovid-19: The increase in the discovery of Kovid-19 in July has raised serious concerns about The possibility of a community outbreak in Cambodia, although so far it has not been. Ministry of Health warns that community outbreaks are unlikely in Cambodia and urges people All Cambodians should be extra careful during the next five-day holiday from August 17 to 21, which It is thought that many people will travel in the country.

Concerns about the possibility of a community outbreak arise as the number of Kovid-19 carriers in Cambodia is sought Seen up to 225 people. What factors could lead to community outreach? So far, it is certain that all Kovid-19 cases involve imports after Cambodia. Open wide flights to Cambodia for economic reasons.

The first concern is the possibility that a case of Kovid-19 virus has arrived. The airport also tested but found no virus, which is called false negative, in which case the person could be infected. Out of Cambodia's first line of defense. In this case, it could lead to the spread of Kovid-19 virus if the person does not perform well. Separate yourself for 14 days to follow up.

At this point, it is important that all travelers to Cambodia must do their best. Today, although they were not tested for the Kovid-19 on arrival at the airport . The second risk factor is that the Cambodian people do not seem to be doing well. Adherence to this principle will reduce the transmission of Kovid-19 to others or the community.

As more Cambodians prepare for the upcoming August 17-21 tour It would be very worrying if this social gap principle is not applied properly. The third risk factor is that Cambodians do not seem to be wearing as many masks as before. Wearing a mask is very important in preventing the transmission and transmission of Kovid-19 virus. Hong Kong has issued a policy for all people to wear masks in public as a measure to prevent the virus. This -19.

So if you want to avoid copying Kovid-19 into the community, not all Cambodians and all travelers to Cambodia Do not neglect these three things and at the same time live a normal, hygienic way by washing your hands at all times. That may come in contact with anything that can transmit the virus. By: A. Hello