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The entrepreneurial path is not an easy and smooth path for walkers. But obviously, recognizing these obstacles and getting ready for them is a good thing that can help entrepreneurs avoid Effective solutions can be found when facing it in the future. The following are some common pitfalls that many entrepreneurs fail:

1. The quality of your product may be lower than expected:
No matter how much time you plan, quality issues can still affect your business. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be prepared for every situation and stay in touch with the key people in your business.

2. The most important person in your business can't bring you the results you want: human-to-human relationships do not exist Especially in a business that is constantly experiencing stress or problems. As a result, many companies or businesses fail because they cannot keep in touch with key partners.

3. Total capital before income can meet expenses:
Businesses often start to believe and decide to expand or increase spending when they see sales growth or popularity of their products. The solution to this problem is that the businessman should not give up trying to get the money to complete it, either by borrowing from a relative or friend Ask for investment from others.

4. Your customers or competitors have changed:
The world today is silent and that is changing almost every minute. In some cases, your competitors may be able to see your ideas and take action before you defeat them Success has always been the case, or a group of customers who have always supported your product have moved on to support alternatives . Intelligent business people are people who don't wait for the market to change on their own, but they're visionary. Change preparedness plans clearly and can respond effectively. Edited by: Sokhuk