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Life as a billionaire is not always as easy as people think it is because they have to think about the future every day. According to a survey from Shanghai Hurun Research Institute, most millionaires in the country China is also considering leaving the country.

China has 685 billionaires as of 2019, according to Hurun's global wealth list. There were only 584. Currently, the United States has 626 billionaires and China with 799. But since 2014, Barclays reports that about half of China's millionaires are willing to invest abroad during the period. Five years from now, there are many billionaires who have withdrawn money from China to invest abroad.

Zhang Yong, the founder of Haidilao Restaurant, became a full-fledged citizen in Singapore last year. Make him the richest man in the country.

Huang Xiangmo, the chief executive of real estate firm Yuhu Group, moved to Australia last week. In 2011, his property was closed to the Australian Taxation Office in September 2019.

Last year, concerned authorities in Australia withdrew his permanent residency and citizenship application for concerns over His involvement in politics and allegations of tax fraud.

Former billionaire farmer Chen Mailin, who became a millionaire farmer, has immigrated to the US Nada. He bought a villa for about $ 40 million in 2015, considered the highest-priced home in history. Of Canada.

Zhang Yin built her fortune by moving to the United States. The CEO of Nine Dragons Paper Holdings started a paper recycling company in Hong Kong, but she has found better quality paper in the United States. . She makes rubbish as money by exporting the discarded paper to China and processing it there That ៕