Koh Kong: Mondul Seima District Unified Committees Sent down a woman to ban herself in connection with the capture of Mao's grandmother in Thmey Village It was a Covid-19 disease, and the force had banned and contracted outright.

According to a report by the Mondulkiri Police Inspectorate, the forces banned the entry of Mao Zay in the Thmey village, Gathering people for blowing up the disease, Covid-19 banned and contracted outright.

Colonel Srey Sokha, deputy inspector general, said the successor was Hun SreyVit, the grandmother of Mao, a 31-year-old fortune teller who was home The renting of Pakklung commune, Mondul Seima district, Koh Kong province, was arrested on March 25, 2020 by police 16:30 am Rent above.

The deputy inspector general said that after the arrest of his successor, Mao had promised that I, her boss, would promise the authorities. That in return, stop predicting the disease, say harm to society or inspire people to do what the law prohibits, and if so The second time, let the authorities take action By: Golab