As the disease progresses, the new disease is spreading And there are a lot of vicious images in the world, including Cambodia, the owner of the Sen Han Hotel, located on 313 Street 600 Street in Boeung Kak Lake. 2 Khan Toul Kork has handed over its hotel to the Phnom Penh Administration as a coroner for 19 of the coronaviruses, while in Cambodia it is packed. Malaria has one 3.

Sen Han Hotel is the second hotel after the former Intercontinental Hotel, which was co-owned by Phnom Penh Hotel. Assigned to Phnom Penh administration as a site for screening and treatment for coronary disease.

Regarding the location, the Phnom Penh Administration also expressed their thanks to Lok Chum Teav Oknha Allen and His Excellency Yin Saran and his family. Also, by: Intellectual