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Ten people from clubs, according to an announcement from the Football League of England (EFL) on Saturday. Championship matches tested positive for the Kovirus-19, while the Premier League said there were no new infections on test results. Lastly.

In the EFL statement, 1,058 players and staff from 24 clubs from the English second tier Championship) tested on Thursday and Friday. As a result, 10 people from eight clubs who have not been identified have a positive sign W-19.

Any players or club personnel who have tested positive will be separated for a period of time. The week is in line with the guidelines provided by the EFL, and only those who have tested negative will be allowed to enter Training camp.

Although the EFL did not identify any infected individuals, Preston North End confirmed that striker Jayden Stockley tested positive for the virus.

The news comes after the Premier League final test confirmed there were no new positive cases In a phase III trial. The top tier has already identified 12 cases.

Not that Championship, League One and League Two have yet to officially announce their return to action. Not yet. A number of issues are currently being discussed, with the financial crisis being a major issue for some clubs. (Taken from Goal.com)