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Phnom Penh: 24-year-old Van Sok Seiha, who was detained for about nine hours around false information Anti-retrovirals in social media have been hacked by the Office of Anti-Crime Technology, a security plan cooperated with Tuol district police. Landing contracts and education Released to go home about 5 pm and 30 pm on 2 April.

After the release of the Toul Kork Unified Commission, the businessman went down to stop the business and relocated the teacher's logo to his residence. Well. Van Sok Seiha, the mastermind who boasted himself a magic ammo, was staying at a rented room on 14th Street. 336 Village 7, Sangkat Boeung Salang, Khan Toul Kork, has previously been jailed for trafficking and distributing units.

After being detained, the schoolmaster also pleaded guilty and issued a public apology via the office of the municipal police chief. Phnom Penh, as well as the contract in front of the law, includes:

Stop the misinformation (Post false information about protection of Kov 19 on social media)
Facebook in public, contrary to the instructions of the Ministry of Health) .2- No violation of state law 3-Stop Trademark business says that from getting infected with HIV / AIDS 19 via Facebook social media teacher Kruakinet Guarantee From now on and 4- Removing Kruak Guaranteed Trainer Logo The inet closed on the wall of the residents' houses next door.

It should be noted that the teacher was arrested by the Toul Kork police with the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Anti-Crime Bureau 8 April April 2 After posting a 19-year-old anti-retroviral campaign on social media, claiming that 100% quality. After a live and sharing session, the teacher even boasted that the yarn would not really protect. Prague will give him an ax and an ax.

The broadcast was widely criticized and misleading, and police were arrested.

After submitting an apology and making a contract, police released the teacher. Police and Toul Kork authorities also recorded the closure of the business and removed the trademark. Failure to comply with the contract, and continues to spread false information – this ominous monk may face legal action Not
Unlike her Thai sister.