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A strong relationship can go through a very complicated process, which is not always the case Don't worry too much! Today, Health.com.kh will introduce some stages of love that you should consider in order to be ready A strong bond:

1. The first step is "romance." :
When you've just met or interacted with a special person, sure, everything is fine, both sweet and emotional. Excited, happy. This is the first stage of love! Just a brief encounter can make you smile all day.

You always check the phone to see if the person is texting. You may know that what you are doing seems crazy, but you do not care because you are falling in love. Deep down. Try to keep in mind this early, as you may need it later to clear the memory Great.

2. Phase Two: Getting Started Together:
You feel clear about each other and are ready to overcome any obstacles. In this second phase, you will move into the marriage as a couple. You and your spouse may notice that real-life situations are not always good.

However, you are sure to try to spend as much time together as possible and want to share All thoughts and feelings greet each other daily and always listen to the answers. But this habit may begin to change over time. Don't let the light of the two of you lose so easily! Try to give family time together to maintain a strong bond of love.

3. Stage 3: “Habits and Disappointments Begin”:
You still feel good and clear with your partner, but something seems different. You are not as excited about spending time together as before. You may focus on your daily responsibilities, your expenses, your work situation, and your chores.

The habit starts to get tiresome, one-sided frustration can be frustrating, and then you begin to ask yourself You made the right choice, right? This is one of the most dangerous parts of a relationship, and if you can get through it, that's great.

Try to Keep This Relationship Your partner is still the same person you fell in love with. Try to reflect on the good feeling you have had since the first contact. And remember, time for family and yourself is just as important.

4. Stage 4: "Stable or stable":
During this time, you will begin to feel more confident in your relationship. You see exactly who your partner really is. You no longer feel as if you are in the same phase again! And the third phase passed well.

You begin to give each other time and realize that your partner has certain personal preferences or habits that cannot be fixed Just like you, it is neither annoying nor unacceptable. At this stage, you may live separately or apart, but your two lovebirds remain strong.

5. The 5th installment is "a solid commitment":
If you have reached this stage, congratulations! You have already maintained a strong bond. You may not be as sweet as the first, but you will still feel better or satisfied with the relationship. That's about to change. You can accept all of the pros and cons of your partner.

Yes, family life requires you to go through many things and challenges together, but what really matters is commitment. Trying to Suffer to Keep This True Love (Source: Health.com.kh) ៕ Edited by: Sokha