Kratie: The business of growing chemical-free yarn for the market And to earn extra income has changed the lives of a poor family living in a couple from O'Russey commune Kratie province is getting better.

Srun Meng and his wife Sok Nath say he has been doing this for more than 10 years and is in great demand. From those in Kratie. Both husband and wife grow two kinds of non-toxic yarn: one-month-old light varieties and heavy varieties 1 month, 12 days. Each day, the fungus grows from 20 to 40 kilos, depending on the hot and cold months. The colder months grow more. The summer months rarely grow. The hot months are dead, they are less intense. The summer months were 10 kilos.

He added that when there was a lot of supply on the market, the price of mushrooms was 5,000 riel, but he generally sold 7,000 riel per One kilogram. Growing mushrooms has a number of complications that require changing location.

"It is difficult because if we do, we have to move. Then I rented another one. We have to move the dump for two to three months and then we come back. ”

According to the owner of the fungus, "There is no chemical treatment, no spraying, no spraying. Just spread the lime to the ground. ”He makes five molds – three million in a factory. Riel will need to harvest from one to two months after planting.