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In order to contribute to the Royal Government and the Cambodian people in the fierce battle against the Ivory Coast 19, Metfone has set up The charity is called "Metfone Foundation 19".

The program is free and everyone can donate with ease to join us in any circumstance Also difficult. The fund is expected to reach millions, and hundreds of thousands of dollars will be turned over Authorities at the end of the program.

To join this program and start donating, all customers just have to sign up for Mocha or eMoney. ) Only on Google Play and Apple Store. All registered accounts and access will be donated 1,000 riel to the Metfone Foundation D-19 is automatic and the program runs from today until the end of May. Funds from all the funds will be turned over to the authorities to facilitate the 19-patient group of doctors Frontline and the needs of the people as well. There is no charge for the service during the implementation of this program. This action indicates that Metfone is always in line with its "high attention and innovation" philosophy Willing to contribute to the fight against the devastating disease.

In an interview with Metfone's Vice President Nong Din Thorn, he said: "The reason for choosing Mocha and eMoney to raise this fund is because Metfone obeys government guidelines in response to this. The outbreak spreads the coronavirus 19 and encourages max All guests stay at home, maintain a social dimension, but can still enjoy online entertainment, shopping, and essentials. Some, too. "

Mocha is a world-class online entertainment program, breaking news, watching copyrighted movies and blogging without ads. In addition, users can freely listen to music and chat with each other. EMoney is a digital wallet application that can charge your mobile phone, bill payment, and bill at Also free home, he added: “In addition to this, Metfone has updated the information The Epidemiology of Tuberculosis 19 includes recommendations from the Ministry of Health and relevant authorities . Customers can keep up to date on the latest epidemics, find tips on how to protect themselves, and stay updated. After the authorities more.

Since the outbreak of the disease 19, Metfone has been actively involved with the Royal Government and the Cambodian people, especially in education and education. Implement a number of strategies, including sponsoring online learning, video conferencing solutions, providing telecommunications infrastructure Free and Offer The situations of many other services as well.

In addition, Metfone, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, is pleased to provide healthcare support via SMS (SMS) from Ko VX 19 is available to all customers using the SMS Brand Name system and offers a free special package on the phone service for staff Health is at the forefront and Metfone has contributed Introduce the Ministry of Health's educational message on this disease on Metfone's official Facebook page, Metfone website and in Its other programs as well.

Metfone is committed to continuing its support in preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS to consumers and Cambodians All right. Please follow Metfone's website https://www.metfone.com.kh/kh And the official Facebook page http://fb.com/metfone.closer To follow more information: Collaborative Articles