PHNOM PENH, May 30 (Xinhua) – The World Bank's Executive Board on May 30, 2020 approved a $ 15 million loan from the International Development Association (IDA) to strengthen the pre-employment physicians training system to help Cambodia in the future. Physiotherapist enhancement.

The goal will be to improve the quality of healthcare services.

According to a World Bank press release on May 30, Cambodia has a shortage of qualified doctors, especially in the public sector, and that number is 1.4 doctors and 9 nurses and midwives, 5 only for 10,000 people. These rates are quite low compared to the rates of nine doctors and 19 nurses per 10,000 people in low- and middle-income countries in East Asia and the Pacific.

In Cambodia, doctors often work in secondary, intermediate, and tertiary (high) medical facilities, while the primary care unit is staffed by nurses and midwives. . The majority of general practitioners work in provincial hospitals (63%), while the majority of specialists are deployed in urban hospitals (up to 79%).

To help Cambodia meet these challenges, the project will assist the Ministry of Health's Human Resources Development Department in strengthening the governance of medical education and education, including strengthening regulations and standardization for physician training. National study and technical assistance and exchange of knowledge on professional physician education.

“Investing in capacity building for physicians by equipping them with better knowledge and skills to provide services in an emergency situation such as The outbreak of Kov-19 and the strengthening of health governance are crucial to Cambodia's health care system. ”

The World Bank is committed to supporting Cambodia in its efforts to improve health care for the Cambodian people, especially for the poor and the most vulnerable, she said.

By: Eng Boucheng