Phnom Penh: Government Working Group on Coordination of Civil Party Proposals and Requests for Legalization The Association and NGOs concluded their final meeting with civil society groups after consultation and consultation Comment on 17 articles and will submit the proposal to the Royal Government for further review.

Bun Honn, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Interior, and the President of the Royal Government's Task Force on the Solicitation and Request of Civil Society Organizations Speaking at the sixth and final meeting with the civil society representatives on Monday at the Ministry of Commerce Interior.

“After the meeting, we will report to Kralanks [Sar Kheng] and ask for an internal meeting,” he said. The government team continues. ”

Mr. Bunhun said that following the procedure, after the meeting, the Royal Government's decision to form a working group Further amendments to this law shall be the competence of the Royal Government.

He says civil society involvement may be involved at other stages. There will be a consultation forum in partnership between the Royal Government and civil society organizations that will continue Ahead.

“Of course, we have to continue next month,” he said. Participation in comments on this amendment, civil society organizations can participate in any of our workshops May be organized. Civil society organizations can also participate through parliamentary sessions when the draft law is reached by the National Assembly, if necessary Would like to amend it in another article.

The Royal Government and 500 civil society representatives at the conclusion of today's meeting issued A joint statement outlining the results of the joint meeting from November 2019 to November 6 July 2020.

The result of the above meeting was discussed and discussed on 17 articles, including Article 1, Article 3. Article 4 Article 7 Article 8 Article 9 Article 10 Article 11 Article 20 Article 24 Article 25 Article 26 Article 27 Article 30 Article 31 Article 32

“The government team as well as the Ministry of Interior are also committed to holding a consultation meeting. Further consultation with representatives of civil society organizations in order to strengthen the partnership between the Royal Government and civil society organizations to strengthen The Democratic Process in Cambodia.

Mr. Korn Savants, COMFREL's Observer and Advocacy Coordinator, represented a civil society organization attending yesterday's meeting. Yesterday, through a meeting with a group of government officials, civil society organizations debated Discuss requests and concerns with the Royal Government's team. But as of now, the outcome of the amendment is still unknown. There are still many ways to proceed.

“At the first meeting, our civil society organizations proposed 17 amendments to the law. But until the last meeting, we have consolidated the remaining 14 articles that we have proposed to reform. ».

He added that out of the 14 articles, there was a problem with the registration process for civil society Pay taxes, including penalties. “Civil society, we see that the articles in this Penal Code have some rules and procedures that are not in line with the Constitution Of Cambodia. It is here that we ask for re-enactment. ”

Seng Sena Karuna, senior investigator for the rights group Adhoc, also attending yesterday's meeting. Through a series of meetings with the Royal Government's team, this is an opportunity for civil society organizations. Submitting proposals and further clarifications on amendments to this law.

“In the past, we have been very fruitful,” he said. But what our civil society is unhappy about is that the use of time is longer than the investment. Other rules. Therefore, we would like to consider the amendment at each stage for review Fast to make the request of the civil society organizations submitted. ”