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Phnom Penh: According to a Prakas of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia on the afternoon of March 15, 2020 announcing the discovery of cases. Positive Kov 19 on another 35-year-old Frenchman coming to Cambodia and passing through Singapore His wife and 4-month-old son are now undergoing medical surveillance He spent 14 days at his house in Phnom Penh's Toul Tom pending the results of their analysis of the Pasteur Institute. Cambodia.

The Ministry of Health press release, signed by Ms. O Vandin, Secretary of State and spokeswoman, said that the men France, which found the Kovid-19, flew from Paris and arrived in Singapore On March 13, 2020.

"By the time the 35-year-old was suffering from fever, the Singapore authorities tested the samples," the source said. His specimens on the night of March 13, 2020, "he said. However, waiting for the results, Singaporean doctor informed him that he could not travel any more until he waited. There are first results.

"But when a health-care worker turns in, he / she is informed. That he can travel, and the result can be traced back (as stated by him).

The Frenchman arrived in Phnom Penh on the morning of March 14, and he claimed he was wearing a mask There was no heat at that time and arrived home around 10 am on March 14.

But his test results were positive for the Kovirovirus 19 virus from Singapore on the afternoon of March 14th, the Cambodian Ministry of Health. It also searched the man immediately and found out at 20:30 pm and took a sample of the man. Check in with wife and child for the same night

“Results from the Baptist Institute of Cambodia at 14:30 pm on March 15, 2020 show that The 35-year-old Frenchman was positive for the 19-year-old Kov 19 and his wife and children had to wait for further results ».

The Frenchman is currently being hospitalized at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.

However, the ministry has been searching for 26 affected people, 24 of whom were on board the flight to Phnom Penh and two others. He communicated and transported him home to a total of 26 people. (Editing by Bopha)